An Elastic Bag

I just bought daily need in a mini market next to my house. I bought some snack and soap for my laundry. If we buy food and non-food in mini market or supermarket, they will separate them. Besides my groceries that I bought, I also got free bonuses unconditionally, two plastic bags. Even though we must pay for plastic bag in some mini market because of government regulation and others discount it to cheat the rule.

Not only the bags from the market but also the groceries contain plastic to wrap them. We can imagine how many plastics we waste every day and how many of them will be recycled or reused. I can use again my plastic bag from the grocery store, but the wrapper plastic will go to the trash.

In my opinion, plastic is the strangest stuff that human made in the world. Several days ago, I found my snack wrapper that the snack I ate when I was child. It was more than ten years and its shape perfectly same as the snack that I just bought except the color starts fading. I have no doubt for strange of plastic even it is thinner than leaf.

I believe that the stuff degrades there until I grow old or even my grandchild as old as me when I ate the snack. There is no doubt that plastic is an immortal thing. It brings dangerous problem for our environment. Many creatures suffer caused by this thing.

Now, the degradable of plastic becomes an interesting topic for researchers. They try to make a strong and elastic plastic but it still can be degraded easily. For example, plastic made by cassava that can be degraded by itself. In the other hand, microbiologist also research bacteria can degrade plastic.

Plastic might not kill us today, but it is killing us and our offspring. We cannot stop it, we still need it. However, if we act together massively, we will not bring this problem to the next generation. Whatever we are, a scientist, an artist, an environmentalist, or just a human being, we should act now. We have already known what should do, the problem, we want it or not. This problem is more dangerous than North Korea nuclear.